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Welcome to Guangdong Aoneng Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd 中文版ENGLISH 0757-22320398

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In 1994, AONENG was founded by five good friends. AONENG headquarter located in Daliang, Shunde. In the same year, AONENG Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd and AONENG Lighting Co., Ltd were found, which professionally product voltage tester and screwdriver. In 1999, AONENG Lighting Co., Ltd was found, begin to expand the Flashlight, Led light industrial.
In 2005,we moved production base into xinhui Road, Shunde Industrial Park, Wusha, Daliang, Shunde, workshop area cover 30 thousand square meters
In 2011, AOENG adds new workshop in Shunde Industrial Park, Wusha, workshop area covers 30 thousands square meters, living facilities more perfect. The business of flashlight and LED light develop more overall.
In 2013, Guangdong Shunde AONEG Lighting Co.,Ltd listed on the Tianjin Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 044011)
In 2014, AONENG Added New Workshop In Shunde Industrial Park, Wusha Again, Mainly Develop Refrigerator, Wine Cabinets Business, Cover Area About 40 Thousands Square Meters And Established AONENG Group Company.

In 2014, established domestic high-end lighting brand—NICRON, and officially been listed. Now, AONENG has became many famous electric tools, flashlight, lamp, refrigerator and Europe-America famous brands’cooperate supplier, such as: Stanley, Black&Decker, Dewalt, Shield, Gerber, Energizer, AVANTI

Up to now, AONENG Electrical Applicances Co.,Ltd , AONENG Lighting Co.,Ltd, Homesun have many patent and many international certificates (ISO9001,ISO14001,CE/UL,TUS/GS and so on, in the same time, can provide products which pass ROHS, PHA certificates.

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